KATHMANDU/ August 16: The second signing of this brand new season for Barca Nepal is here as Barca Nepal has signed a two year with the new partners, Sudreeshya Academy. Sudreeshya Academy is a professional computer learning center specialized in mentorship program for ICT college students. As per the contract, Sudreeshya now will be the main event sponsors for Barca Nepal academic events for two years.

Similarly, Sudreeshya will now help Barca Nepal to train its capable members to execute mentorship program, will provide all the resource, equipment and environment to train and groom the members. The Academy now will provide 20% discount to all the Barca Nepal Registered Members on any courses available.

Barca Nepal now will be allowed to use Sudreeshya’s venue anytime without any charges during its events and will get IT counselling from Sudreeshya. Both the parties now will be able to share eachothers’ logo as per the term.