KATHMANDU, 3rd August: Barca Nepal’s president Prakash Gharti and KTM Jeans’ Binod Basnet met for negotiations on Friday to complete a sponsorship deal between the two sides.

As per the agreement signed, KTM Jeans, a local Jeans production-and-supply brand will now provide FC Barcelona jersey for Barca Nepal’s Predict and Win contest for each fixture of 2018/2019. Similarly, the one year term agreement also includes KTM Jeans as the perennial partners for any mutually coordinated Barca Nepal event. President Prakash Gharti quoted on the occasion,

“This is just the beginning of what Barca Nepal has to become in the coming days. We’ve always want to work for the society and our motive behind this choice is to go for the welfare of local and quality serving brands like KTM Jeans. “

As per the agreement, Barca Nepal members will now get a 10% flat discount on any purchase from KTM Jeans’ authorized retailers. With 100+ authorized retailers across the country, KTM Jeans is incorporated within the government laws with its head office at Mahabouddha, Kathmandu. Barca Nepal will now be promoting KTM Jeans as its partner and will support in its upbringing. The signee of KTM Jeans, Binod Basnet believes this deal to be a wonderful one. He added,

“This will benefit both the parties and we are extremely happy to be bonded with this youth organization. We now look forward in having a great year, with KTM Jeans achieving greater heights and Barca Nepal maintaining what it is known for. “

The Predict and Win Contest will kickoff as Barcelona face Deportivo Alaves in their season starter. The contest will go down in Barca Nepal’s official Facebook page.