After months of hardwork, Barca Nepal has come up with a brand new project that aims to set the stakes high and is a brand new concept when it comes to its class. With new aspirations and objectives, we feel glad to announce the launch of “ Football Connects “ YouTube Show.

“Football Connects” is basically a YouTube project that aims to showcase the real life stories of people who are linked to Barca Nepal, their experiences with this family and the journey that they’ve come through. Additional to this, the show also will cover the stories of prolific Barca Nepal members on the emotional setup with Barca and their memories with the club itself. The show aims to be a complete package of fun and information and hence will also include updates, match reviews and interactive chunks and bites.

The much anticipated project has already made noticeable progress as the promo for “ Football Connects ” was released through Barca Nepal’s YouTube channel on February 14th. The first episode will air soon, till then please go through the promo of the show.

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