KATHMANDU, June 11: Barcelona Fan Club Nepal (BFCN) has organized a gathering program in the capital on Saturday.
The program was organized in Heera party Palace, New Baneshwor.
At the program, the committee members of the Catalonian fan club discussed the plans for the continuity of the fan club and asked its members to willingly participate in the days to come.
Their main aim is to brand the brand Barca Nepal by being officially recognized and to do work for the locals in the days to come, said one of the club’s committee members.
A total of 138 members attended the program.
In the first phase of the gathering, members were called upon the stage and were asked to share how they became the fan of the famous Spanish club. One of the member came to the stage and shared his memories with other members.
Club’s President Subas Gauli expressed his respect for the Vice president Dr Indira Rana for all her good works she has been doing till now to make Barca Nepal what it is in the present. He said,’’ Indira has been doing all the works on her part to make Barca Nepal a success and she has been handling the social media as well to bring in more members. The female members feel secure and confident because of her.’’
Senior Vice President Prakash Gharti said, ‘‘Passion for the club was all we needed to establish Barca Nepal and it’s still playing a vital role in keeping us stand together. We search for another fan to talk about Barca and it goes on and on.’’
Gharti added that the fan club has reached a certain height by not only organizing such events but also doing social works. He said Barca Nepal had distributed clothes to Aama Ghar and helped a brain tumour patient Anita Tamang with Rs 10,000.
Vice President Dr Rana said, ’Hard work, dedication and teamwork is the reason Barca Nepal is successful today.’’
Gharti expressed his commitment for the club by saying they will continue their work and are not tried yet. He said Barca Nepal will do big in future and they need their members support and contribution to make it together.
The club’s committee members said a long term social work is taking its pace and a sports project is being designed among others.